In the Flesh

Want to see my business up close and in person? Here’s where you can find me in the next couple of months! (And by business, I mean actual work that I do. Get your mind out of the gutter.)


Magic Wand Rock StarNovember 4:

Impact Play: Spanking, Flogging, and More!
at The Pleasure Chest

Learn the finer (and rougher) points of impact play. Discover the difference between sensation play and psychological spanking. We’ll cover negotiation, safety, types of hits, and the pros and cons of floggers, whips, bare hands and other instruments of discipline.


November 21:

Lucas Brooks - Headshot“I Am My Own Cast Party”


I’ll be debuting a brand new one-man show at SOLOCOM at The Pit on November 21st, at 7:15 PM!

In his latest solo venture, Professional Intellectual Homosexual™ Lucas Brooks steps away from his regular sexual soap box and looks back on his love/hate relationship with the stage. Through his tales of cattle calls, broken dreams, experimental art, and Broadway boy crushes, Lucas digs deep into his theatrical past to uncover whatever it was that made him fall in love with the performing arts in the first place, how he can find that magic again as an adult, and ultimately, how to make the theatre a happy place again.