Discount Dick Day!

Personally, I’m not a fan of Black Friday. I’ve never participated in any of your typical sale activities…I prefer to stay in bed and avoid humans.


Now you can do all of the above simultaneously! But I don’t like to think about this as a Black Friday thing…so let’s call it…Discount Dick Day! (Don’t feel like you’re obligated to get a dick on my account. Be a slut…buy whatever you want.)

Let’s see who’s on the lineup, shall we?

Peepshow Toys


As always, you get 10% of any purchase when you drop my name, but some very special items are on very special sale!
Tantus Cush Dildo
Tantus Tsunami Dildo
Tantus Pelt Paddle
Kink Beginner Bondage Kit
Sensuelle Point



Tantus has all the great things going on. You really just have to investigate for yourself. My personal faves, though? Sport, Protouch, and the Plunge Paddle!
And if nothing else, the special PROvember code “PROSTATE” gets you a long way!



They carry the Laid P.2. ‘Nuff said.

Fun Factory


My personal recommendations:
Cobra Libre II
B Balls
Stronic Zwei





Now would be a really good time to grab a Neon Wand Electrosex Kit. Just sayin’.

I Am My Own Cast Party

I Am My Own Cast Party

You may have already caught word through social media, but because I can’t risk you not receiving the news, here is your official announcement:

On Saturday…November 21st…at 7:15 PM…at The PIT Loft…for one-night only (this time around, at least)…I will be debuting…my latest one-man show…

I Am My Own Cast Party

I Am My Own Cast Party
Photo by Winter Wind Photography

In his latest solo venture, Professional Intellectual Homosexual™ Lucas Brooks steps away from his regular sexual soap box and looks back on his love/hate relationship with the stage. Through his tales of cattle calls, broken dreams, experimental art, and Broadway boy crushes, Lucas digs deep into his theatrical past to uncover whatever it was that made him fall in love with the performing arts in the first place, how he can find that magic again as an adult, and ultimately, how to make the theatre a happy place again.

If you’ve seen my solo shows before, yeah…it’s going to be a little different. If you haven’t seen any, well…what the fuck, why not? If you live in New York, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come check it out, as well as all of the other awesome solo comedies happening at SOLOCOM.

Tickets are here.

Facebook event is here.



I may be sucking in. A little.
I may be sucking in. A little.

Last Tuesday, I posted this photo (left) to my Instagram, not even knowing that #tummytuesday was even a thing. I had spent a better portion of the morning scrolling through Tumblr and was seeing not only an exorbitant amount of photos of boys lifting up their shirts to show off their stomachs, but a lot of the same photos popping up in my feed multiple times.

I’ve never really gotten behind Situation-ing. I appreciate a nice abdominal specimen, of course (and okay, maybe I find it a little hot sometimes), but I also can’t think of a gesture that spells out ‘vapid’ so clearly. Am I reading too much into it? Probably. I do that.

In general, I like to think I’m a pretty nice person (New York may have sucked some of that out of me over the years), but I take great delight in mocking the things that garner ridiculous amounts of attention. So my intention behind taking the photo was purely satirical.

Funny thing is…it got more likes than almost all of my other photos (with the exception of “Chillin’ with Dildos” and “Baby’s First Shower Beer”). And many sincere compliments. I was stunned, quite truly.

To be completely honest, my stomach is the part of my body that I dislike the most. To me, it feels disproportionate to the rest of me. From the front, it looks fine. Despite my lack of muscle definition, I somehow have excellent…*ahem*…“cum gutters”. But once I turn to the side, it looks…unflattering, from my perspective. While more and more people are telling me they like my tummy lately, I still can’t shake the time my grandmother poked me in the stomach and told me I was “getting a pooch”… the drag queen who said I couldn’t get a job go-go dancing until I lost it… the ‘friend’ who told me I was a long way off from being suited for Broadway Bares… the numerous photographers I’ve worked with who told me to “suck in my gut” (shout-out to Rex Lott who gently suggested I “tighten my core”). And then there’s all the insecurities I had before any of these people said any of this shit to me.

So when the ‘likes’ came trickling in, I thought: “Hmm, maybe I actually need #tummytuesday.” Maybe this is a good opportunity for me to reconnect with the part of my body that has brought me down so much over the years. My body image has come a long way over the last half of a decade, but maybe it’s time I gave certain parts of me a little extra love. Cuz, you know… “If you can’t love your tummy, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else’s tummy?” Right? Something like that?


Happy #TummyTuesday!